Materials Innovation
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Data-Centric Science for Materials Research


In recent years, the application of data-centric science has greatly impacted research and development in various disciplines and industries. In materials science, it is expected not only as a method for discovering useful novel substances among explosively increasing number of candidate materials, but also for classifying or understanding material properties and for analyzing experimental data. This symposium will be planned as a place to raise the discussion of researchers who are opening up research on materials using data-centric science with computer simulations or experiments.

  • materials informatics
  • data-centric science
  • machine learning
  • computer simulation
  • database
Invited Speakers
  • Ichiro AKAI, Kumamoto Univ.Data-Driven Science for X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectra Measured in Synchrotron Radiation Facilities
  • Wei CHEN, Northwestern Univ. Data-Driven Computational Design of Emerging Microstructural Material Systems
  • Stefano CURTAROLO, Duke University Unavoidable disorder and entropy in multi-component systems
  • Claudia DRAXL, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Verification and Error Estimates for Ab Initio Data
  • Huadong FU, University of Science and Technology Beijing Machine learning assisted composition design of Copper-base alloys with high strength and high electrical conductivity
  • Kristin PERSSON, UC Berkeley Data-driven Materials Design and Machine Learning using the Materials Project
  • Gian-Marco RIGNANESE, UCLouvain Screening materials from high-throughput ab initio calculations and machine learning
  • Zachary (Zach) TRAUTT, National Institute of Standards and Technology Building a Foundation for Autonomous Materials Research Systems at an International Scale
  • Ryo YOSHIDA, Institute of Statistical Mathematics Breaking the Curse of Small Data in Materials Informatics
  • Shinji TSUNEYUKI Department of Physics, the University of Tokyo
  • Satoshi ITOH National Institute for Materials Science
  • Fumiyasu OBA Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Jason HATTRICK-SIMPERS National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Matthias SCHEFFLER Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society
  • Jian-xin XIE University of Science and Technology Beijing
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