Materials Innovation
for Sustainable Development Goals



Plasma-Based Synthesis, Processing and Characterization of Materials for Energy and Environment


Plasma process is a key technology for synthesis of functional nanomaterials, which can evolve into industrial fabrication platforms for energy and environment. In addition to a variety of conventional plasma processes, much attention has been paid to novel plasma technologies including atmospheric-pressure non-thermal plasmas, which have been actively studied for applications to surface modifications and ultra-high-rate fabrication of functional nanomaterials. Major objective of this session is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers in research areas including plasma technologies and nanomaterials to enhance discussions on latest achievements and challenges on the frontier of plasma-based synthesis, processing and characterization of materials.

  • plasma
  • processing
  • characterization
  • energy
  • environment
  • solar cells
  • nanomaterials
  • thin films
  • CO2 reduction
  • surface modification
Invited Speakers
  • Pere Roca CABARROCAS, LPICM, France Low Temperature Plasma Deposition Processes: From Amorphous Silicon to Epitaxial Growth and Nanowires
  • Hyunwoong SEO, Inje University, Korea Highly transparent Pt-free dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Vladimir SVRCEK, AIST Tsukuba, Japan Plasma Process Silicon Quantum Dots and Perovskites Hybrids for PV
  • Min-Kyu SON, Kyushu University, Japan Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production with Ternary Oxide Materials
  • Takeshi KITAJIMA, National Defense Academy, Japan Plasmon-Enhanced Plasma Processing of N-doped Graphene for Fuel-cell Catalysts
  • Kunihiro KAMATAKI, Kyushu University, Japan Investigation of Impact of Plasma Fluctuation Driven by Amplitude Modulated VHF Discharge on Growth of Nanoparticles in Reactive Plasma
  • Makoto KAMBARA, The University of Tokyo, Japan Facile improvement in cycle capacity with PFE Si:SnOx nanocomposites for lithium secondary batteries
  • Manabu TANAKA, Kyushu University, Japan High-Speed Visualization of Metal Oxide Precursor in Thermal Plasma during Nanoparticle Synthesis Process
  • Giichiro UCHIDA, Meijo University, Japan Development of a direct bonding process by using high-frequency Ar plasma jet
  • Mineo HIRAMATSU, Meijo University, Japan Synthesis of Carbon Nanostrucures using Microwave-Exited Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
  • Hiroki KONDO, Nagoya University, Japan Changes of resistive elements during degradation of carbon nanowalls electrodes for fuel cell synthesized employing a CH4/H2 mixture gas plasma
  • Naho ITAGAKI, Kyushu University, Japan Sputtering Deposition with Impurities: Another Key Parameter to Control Film Structures
  • Masaharu SHIRATANI Kyushu University
  • Kunihiro KAMATAKI Kyushu University
  • Kazuo TERASHIMA The University of Tokyo
  • Yuichi SETSUHARA Osaka University
  • Jin-Hyo Boo Sungkyunkwan University
  • Uroš CVELBAR Jožef Stefan Institute

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