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Wide-bandgap and 2-dimensional Materials, 5th E-MRS & MRS-J bilateral symposium


We aim to make the symposia an opportunity to contribute toward the development of advanced functional wide-bandgap and two-dimensional (2D) materials. Wide-bandgap materials such as carbides, nitrides, oxides and diamond have been attractive interest for next-generation high-power electronics. 2D materials also provide unique materials platform with rich physics, chemistry and diverse technological applications. Extensive progress has been made in understanding, synthesizing, and characterizing 2D materials such as graphene, and boron nitride. This symposium devotes an exchange of information about the basic material properties of epitaxial layers and substrates, the fabrication processes, and the functional device properties. Interaction between fundamental materials science and applied science will promote our idea and lead to discovery and innovation based on new concept design. Papers related to wide-bandgap materials (SiC, GaN, Ga2O3, diamond, or other materials), 2D materials, and their device applications are solicited, including: (1) material growth and physical properties; (2) process and characterization; (3) device performance and physics; (4) reliability and modeling; (5) novel functional devices and applications.

  • wide-bandgap materials: carbides
  • nitrides
  • oxides
  • diamond
  • and 2D materials: graphene
  • BN
Invited Speakers
  • Tomoyoshi MISHIMA, Hosei Univ. Vertical GaN p-n junction diodes fabricated on free-standing GaN substrates
  • Kazutaka TAKAGI, Toshiba Effects of device structures and epi propertieson high efficiency AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
  • Kou MATSUMOTO, TAIYO NIPON SANSO Corp. Challenge and opportunity for mass production of UVC LED by MOVPE on high temperature annealed AlN template
  • Tsunenobu KIMOTO, Kyoto Univ. Breakdown phenomena in high- and low-voltage SiC devices
  • Masashi KATO, Nagoya Inst. Tech. Carrier Recombination Velocity in 4H-SiC: at Surfaces and Defects
  • Osamu UEDA, Meiji Univ. Structural evaluation of β-Ga2O3 crystals by TEM and related techniques
  • Seiichi MIYAZAKI, Nagoya Univ. Photoemission Study of Chemically-Cleaned GaN Surfaces and GaN-SiO2 Interfaces Formed by Remote Plasma CVD
  • Toshihide NABATAME, NIMS Electrical Properties of GaN MOS capacitors with ALD-High-k gate insulators
  • Satoru TANAKA, Kyushu Univ. Fabrication and characterization of twisted bilayer graphene
  • Yasuaki EINAGA, Keio Univ. Electrochemical application on boron-doped diamond electrodes
  • Takashi MATSUOKA, Tohoku Univ. Epitaxial Growth of N-Polar Nitride Semiconductor and its Device Application
  • Jan KUZMIK, Slovak Academy of Science GaN-based normally-off HEMTs for switching and logic applications
  • Lorenzo RIGUTT, Univ. Rouen Compositional metrology of Atom Probe Tomography applied to III-N optoelectronic devices
  • Carlo De SANTI, Univ. Padova Reliability and Dynamic Performance of Gallium Nitride-based Devices for Power Applications
  • Andrew ALLERMAN, Sandia National Labs Ultra-wide Bandgap Al-rich AlGaN Alloys for Power Diodes and Transistors
  • Liverios LYMPERAKIS, Max Planck Institute Ab-initio based description and design of nitride surfaces: The role of surface rehybridization on alloy composition and ordering
  • Grace XING, Cornell Univ. The Hunt for Mobile Holes Induced by Polarization in GaN
  • Kenji SHIOJIMA University of Fukui
  • Fumimasa HORIKIRI SCIOCS Co. Ltd.
  • Hiroshi KAWARADA Waseda University
  • Akihiro HASHIMOTO University of Fukui
  • Patrick Chin Intelligent Epitaxy Technology Inc.
  • Matteo Meneghini Padova Univ.

Symposium List

Fundamentals for Materials

New Trend of Materials Research

Novel Structural Materials Based on New Principles

Advanced Electronic Materials

Magnet and Spintronics


Materials for Smart Systems

Green Technology and Processing