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Synchrotron X-ray Characterization of Function Material Thin Films and Fine Particles


Many electronic devices, such as integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, light emitting diodes and so on, are fabricated by thin film forming processes of various materials. Controlling thin film forming process is one of essential technologies to create new function devices for IoT. Precise and quantitative characterizations of thin films are fundamental techniques to control thin film formation. X-ray diffraction and scattering with synchrotron radiation are powerful tools for thin film characterization. Fine particles, such as catalysts, are also important materials as well as thin films, and intensively studied by X-ray spectroscopies with synchrotron radiation.
Recent progress in every aspect of science and technology related with characterization of organic and inorganic thin films, fine particles, solid-solid, liquid-solid, gas-solid interfaces with using X-ray of synchrotron radiation, will be discussed together in symposium. Topics of instruments for X-ray diffraction, X-ray spectroscopies (XAFS and XPS), data analysis, equipment to control circumstance of sample, combination of X-ray scattering and other characterization techniques (measuring electric, magnetic, thermal properties etc.). Studies on surface, interface, thin films and fine particles of function materials by X-ray of synchrotron radiation are also included.

  • Thin films
  • Interface
  • Fine particles
  • Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction (scattering)
  • Crystal truncation rod
  • X-ray spectroscopies (XAFS and XPS)
  • Catalyst
  • Coating
  • Erosion/Etching
  • Passivation (Adsorption/Desorption)
Invited Speakers
  • Akihiko FUJIWARA, Kwansei Gakuin University Synchrotron structure analysis on amorphous oxide semiconductors
  • Susannna ERIKSSON, ScientaOmicron Spectroscopy measurements in home lab environment: HAXPES and ambient pressure for the future
  • Hideto IMAI, Nissan Arc X-ray characterization of highly functionalized catalysts and devices for a hydrogen society
  • Noriyuki YOSHIMOTO, Iwate University In situ observation of thin film growth of organic semiconductors by 2-dimensional X-ray diffraction
  • Yusuke WAKABAYASHI, Tohoku University Time resolved X-ray reflectivity study of the early process of iron passivation
  • Takamasa NONAKA, Toyota Central R&D Labs In situ X-ray Raman scattering spectroscopy of a graphite electrode for Li-ion batteries
  • Junji INUKAI, Yamanashi University Operando and in-situ analyses of materials for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
  • Osamu NAKATSUKA, Nagoya University Characterization of Local Strain in Semiconductor Fine Structures by using Microdiffraction
  • Ichiro HIROSAWA Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute
  • Toyohiko KINOSHITA Japan Synchrotron Radiation Reserach Institute
  • Jong Hyun Kim Industrial Technology Convergence Center, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (POSTECH)
  • Anna Stenstam CR Competence
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