Materials Innovation
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Materials Frontier for Transparent Advanced Electronics, 5th Bilateral Symposium between E-MRS and MRS-J


Research and development for wide bandgap oxide materials and their applications have been increasingly pervasive in many fields such as high-performance thin film transistors (TFTs/TTFTs) or storage devices, renewable energy technologies, various kinds of display devices, and many other optoelectronic applications. In particular, transparent oxide semiconductors (TOSs) and amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOSs) have attracted much attention as high-performance channel materials for thin film transistors. Moreover, transparent conductive oxides (TCOs) have also been the key enabling materials for the emerging technologies driving the sophisticated applications needed to realize a “Ubiquitous Information Society” and a “Universal Design”. These topics will be discussed in a framework of traditional and emerging fields of oxide materials and their device applications including but not limited to: TOSs, AOSs and TCOs for high-performance TFTs/TTFTs, solar cells, displays, lighting, storage, flexible electronics and other transparent electronics.

  • Materials for transparent oxide electronics
  • Materials for metal nano-network or carbon based transparent electronics
  • Indium-based or Indium-free high performance transparent conducting oxides
  • Theory-based guidance for new materials development and optimization
  • Solution processing and printing of transparent electrodes, transistors and sensors
  • Applications of transparent materials for renewable energy technologies including photocatalysts and smart window systems
  • Applications of transparent materials to new and emerging electronics
Symposium Keynote

Andreas KLEIN

Technische Universität Darmstadt

Performance and Fermi Level Limits of Oxides



Visible light photocatytic materials and application


Osaka Prefecture University

Perspectives of Novel Applications of Ferroelectric/Piezoelectric thin films for Smart systems

Invited Speakers
  • Nobuto OKA, Kindai University Local Structure of Conductive Vanadate Glass and its Application to the Rechargeable Batteries
  • Junjun JIA, Waseda University Toward the understanding of the defect-functionality relationship in bipolar SnO thin films
  • Luis PEREIRA
  • Klaus ELLMER
  • Monica MORALES-MASIS Functionalizing transparent conducting oxides for solar cells: from disordered oxides to epitaxial perovskites
  • Takaya KUBO, The University of Tokyo Surface engineering ZnO nanowires for colloidal quantum dot photovoltaics
  • Yasushi HIROSE, The University of Tokyo
  • UEDA, Kyusyu Institute of Tech.
  • YANAGI, Yamanasi University
  • Naoomi YAMADA, Chubu University
  • Zhang QUN, Fudan University
  • Ding SHIJIN, Fudan University Amorphous IGZO-based thin-film transistors for emerging functional applications
  • Ye HUI, Zhejiang University
  • Han DEDONG, Peking University
  • Sang Yeol LEE, Cheongju University Metal capping effect on the electrical performance and the stability of transparent amorphous SiZnSnO thin film transistor
  • Yuzo SHIGESATO Aoyama Gakuin University
  • Nobuto OKA Kindai University

Symposium List

Fundamentals for Materials

New Trend of Materials Research

Novel Structural Materials Based on New Principles

Advanced Electronic Materials

Magnet and Spintronics


Materials for Smart Systems

Green Technology and Processing