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Advanced Functional Oxides: Processing, Characterization and Devices, 5th E-MRS & MRS-J bilateral symposium


This symposium will provide multidisciplinary discussions for diverse oxide materials of bulk, thin films, heterostructures, nano-structures, particles, and composites with a wide range of topics: materials design & fabrication, characterization, processing, application and devices. Topics of the recent progress in gas sensors, spin electronics, transparent semiconducting and/or conductive oxides as well as resistive switching are also included. Not only experimental approaches but also theoretical approaches including ab-initio electronic calculations are welcome to this symposium. A variety of materials properties will be discussed such as ferroelectricity, ferromagnetism, multiferroicity, electrical conductivity, superconductivity, thermoelectricity, optical transparency, and catalytic behavior. Oxides have been attracting attention as next generation electronic materials showing unique and novel functionalities, determined by the crystal structure, composition, defects, the effects of strain, interfaces and doping, which are key parameters allowing the tuning of properties must be fully understood. Interface phenomena between oxides and/or between oxides and other materials such as nitrides, carbides, amorphous-phase materials, and polymers, are also relevant as new properties can emerge. In addition, many applications require the use of low cost deposition methods, while others require the integration of the oxides on suitable platforms, such as semiconducting wafers or flexible polymer substrates. Interaction between fundamental materials science and applied science & engineering will promote and develop our own idea and lead to discovery and innovation based on new concept design. We encourage a variety of scientists and engineers to submit papers for a wide range of topics to this symposium.

  • Functional oxide materials of bulks
  • Thin films
  • Heterostructures
  • Insulators, superconductors, electric & ferroelectrics
  • Ferromagnetics, multiferroics, magnetoelectrics, optics
  • Transparent conductive related oxides
  • Application of oxide thin films for renewable energy
  • Processing of oxide thin films by physical & chemical methods
  • Theory and computational science on crystal structure
Symposium Keynote

Jacobo Santamaría SÁNCHEZ-BARRIGA

Complutense University of Madrid

Tailoring of interface electronic states in tunnel devices based on correlated oxides


Kyoto University

New Frontiers in Oxides Science with Multiple Anions

Invited Speakers
  • Antonio ABATE, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Active materials and interfaces for stable perovskite solar cells
  • David MUÑOZ-ROJAS, Grenoble INP Minatec Effect of air processing on the transport properties of ZnO:Al thin films. A new conductivity model.
  • Guus RIJNDERS, University of TwenteNovel Functionalities in Atomically Controlled Oxide Heterostructures by Pulsed Laser Deposition
  • Jih-Jen WU, National Cheng Kung University Construction of Hierarchical Oxide Nanostructures for Solar Energy Conversion
  • Kevin MUSSELMAN, University of Waterloo New capabilities and characterization tools for atmospheric pressure spatial deposition of oxide thin films
  • Felix GUNKEL, Peter Grünberg Institute Tuning Nb-doped SrTiO3 Surfaces and Interfaces by Chemical and Electrical Means
  • Yu SHIRATSUCHI, Osaka University Dynamic control of antiferromagnetic domain state based on magnetoelectric effect
  • Hendrik SWART, University of the Free State Upconversion phosphors for optical thermometer and solar cells
  • Masahiro YOSHIMURA, National Cheng Kung University Why lattices and high valence states are stabilized in perovskite-type oxides by madelung lattice site potentials ?
  • Tetsuya YAMAMOTO Kochi University of Technology
  • Nobuyuki IWATA Nihon University
  • Kohei FUJIWARA Tohoku University
  • Valentin Craciun National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics and Extreme Light Infrastructure-NP
  • Hiroaki NISHIKAWA Kindai University
  • Tetsuo TSUCHIYA National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
  • Florencio Sanchez Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)
  • Robert L. Z. Hoye University of Cambridge
  • Shunichi ARISAWA National Institute for Materials Science

Symposium List

Fundamentals for Materials

New Trend of Materials Research

Novel Structural Materials Based on New Principles

Advanced Electronic Materials

Magnet and Spintronics


Materials for Smart Systems

Green Technology and Processing