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Topological Materials Science for Innovative Functions


Since the proposal of topological insulators, research on topological materials has been evolving rapidly. Thanks to successful collaborations among theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches, we now know plenty of topological materials. Such topological materials often exhibit novel properties which cannot be realized in non-topological materials. Surprisingly, the number of topological materials is quite large, and some of them are well-known from the past. While the boom of research on topological materials has commenced in the field of electronic systems, the concept of topological materials has now spread over various fields, such as photonics, phononics, and magnonics, and many topological metamaterials has been proposed and realized. Furthermore, in the field of polymers, the concept of topology has been useful in proposing polymers with unique shapes and useful applications. Thus the concept of topological materials now spreads over a number of fields in materials research. The aim of the symposium is to provide an international forum for discussions on topological materials from various research fields, including electronics, photonics, phononics, magnonics, metamaterials, polymer science and so on. In addition to experimental and computational researches, theoretical researches which will be useful for future research on topological materials are welcome.
This symposium is related with JST-PRESTO “Topological Materials Science for Creation of Innovative Functions”, and some presentations will be given by the researchers in this project. Nonetheless, the presenters are not limited to the people in this project, and researchers in a broad range of fields are welcome to give presentations.

  • topological materials
  • topological insulator
  • topological semimetal
  • surface state
  • quantum anomalous Hall effect
  • topological quantum computing
  • topological polymer
  • topological metamaterial
Invited Speakers
  • Takao Sasagawa
  • Chen Fang
  • Akio Kimura
  • Kyoko Ishizaka
  • Jan-Philipp Hanke
  • Shuichi MURAKAMI Tokyo Institute of Technology
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